One can risk some high risk capital to try to make some profits.  Either is no different in telling a story, promoting a story.  Hold it long enough either one goes completely away, you lose everything.  Or it would of issued out so many shares that by changing names and doing a huge reverse split, your high risk capital is gone just the same unless you got in closest to the date just before the reverse split.


Any different from taking the same money invested and going to casino and plunking it down on red on a roulette table?  Yes, a roulette table gives you results within a minute or two while companies keep the hope alive for sometimes months if not years then do the inevitable so they start all over again generating another prospect and start the cycle again with a whole new set of speculators buying or selling shares. 


In the meantime, have you survived the cycle to play on another day?


Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo as always.