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Which blogs are useless or okay IMHO

5 stars

1421 Reads | 0 Comments | 2 People call this a favourite

Sure loads of blogs that are good or useless IMHO Also loads of companies that always want to tell a good story with not much at the end of the day IMHO

  • Cash on sidelines

    337 Reads | 0 Comments | January 29, 2013

    As we approach RRSP season, and being more skiddish, bearish on markets, worrying over what happened in 2007, what is an investor, small retail investor to do as markets march higher and as those things that did work, aren't really working anymore like miners and energy.  wishful thinking could of made out well in names outside resources for years instead of holding resources names...

  • All online TV spammers gone again!!!! Such a waste of time and effort gone!!!!

    176 Reads | 0 Comments | August 10, 2012

    Thanks SH for your patience and hard work at removing such useless spams.   PS.  To everyone that uses SH for stock markets, always report such posts and blogs so they get the boot.   Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox as always.

  • SH slow due to online TV spammer?

    54 Reads | 0 Comments | August 10, 2012

    2 blogs and probably more will be doing it.  Almost 1000 posts on v.mnm forum about online TV.  Got to be a way to stop the madness, SH??   Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo as always.

  • LOSER is back spamming online TV

    76 Reads | 0 Comments | August 10, 2012

    Everyone here using SH for stocks, please report all ids and their posts.  No blogs yet.  I've reported an id of a ton of ids already.  Fool or fools think that they hide under a specific forum they will get away from being removed in its entirety.  Hope SH keeps up their hard work as we do too in not allowing the clown, clowns to keep on spewing garbage.  Not...

  • BCSC names Poonian, others in manipulation case

    139 Reads | 0 Comments | August 7, 2012

    CSC names Poonian, others in manipulation case 2012-08-03 11:52 ET - Street Wire Also Street Wire (C-GPI) Great Pacific International Inc Also Street Wire (C-LC) Logan Copper Inc (2) Also Street Wire (C-OSE) OSE Corp by Mike Caswell The B.C. Securities Commission has launched an administrative action against Vancouver promoter Thal Poonian and four others, claiming they were behind a market...

  • Seeing Hindenburg Omen all over the internet predicting market crash

    89 Reads | 0 Comments | August 7, 2012

    Is it much like those professing the ending of the world coming in December 2012?  So according to whose calendar?  Since I do not use technical analysis, I do not believe in these bears, shorters professing a major crash coming, so how right have you been since all these HOs have been predicted, when do you cover your bear raids on markets or have you done it too too soon as markets...

  • Microcaps: Bankrupcy or keeps on prospect generating

    70 Reads | 0 Comments | August 3, 2012

    One can risk some high risk capital to try to make some profits.  Either is no different in telling a story, promoting a story.  Hold it long enough either one goes completely away, you lose everything.  Or it would of issued out so many shares that by changing names and doing a huge reverse split, your high risk capital is gone just the same unless you got in closest to the...

  • You decide

    90 Reads | 0 Comments | July 31, 2012

    not too good blogs (updated list).   okay blogs (updated list)   if you don't like a blog, don't bother reading/clicking.  if you do like a blog, so that you don't miss a post is to make it a favorite by adding it to your favs by...

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