Auguries — One Size Fits All

November 3, 2011

By Kevin Michael Grace

It was a modestly good week for gold, up (at press time) $18.30 (+1%) to $1,765.10 and a modestly poor week for silver, down
.73 (-2.1%) to $34.50. It was an anxious week for the markets, as it seemed hoi polloi (literally!) were to decide whether to accept the EU’s “rescue” plan for Greece.

Back when the referendum was ON, Sonali Verma of the Globe and Mail reported, “Greece pulled the rug out from under investors’ feet.” Indeed, the investors’ outrage was something to behold. Will no one rid us of these turbulent Greeks? they howled. Don’t they realize it’s their duty to make us more money?

The founder of Athens was Theseus, son of Aegeus. Padraic Colum relates that in his great quest for glory, Theseus faced many robbers. One of the most vicious was Procrustes, who “had a great iron bed on which he made his captives lie; if they were too long for that bed he chopped pieces off them, and if they were too short he stretched out their bodies with terrible racks. On him…Theseus had no mercy; he slew Procrustes and gave liberty to his captives.”

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