Auguries — Globalists Bearing Gifts

September 22, 2011

By Kevin Michael Grace

The Ben Bernanke’s “Operation Twist” was DOA yesterday, and the market erupted in chaos today. The Dow fell 391.01 (-3.5%) to 10,733.83; the S&P/TSXV fell 105.54 (-6.2%) to 1,598.24; gold fell $63.10 (-3.5%) to $1,745; and silver fell $4.11 (-10.2%) to $36.36.

In response, a shell-shocked Peter Hillyard, ANZ head of metal sales in Europe, told Reuters, “The textbook ideas, the things we follow, the things we believe to be so are being shot to pieces for the moment.” For today, there is apparently only one thing investors believe in. “Everyone says they’re concerned about economies everywhere, but I suppose it’s dollar strength. That’s what I’m putting it down to.” He doesn’t seem convinced, but in a world whether nothing financial makes sense, Hillyard’s explanation is as good as any other.

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