Astral VP Dale Brittliffe on Mexico assays of 39.1 g/t gold, 93.3 g/t silver over 5m

Astral Mining Corp TSXV:AA announced assays from Los Crestones Property in Sinaloa State, Mexico. Highlights include

39.1 g/t gold, 93.3 g/t silver and 2.13% copper over 5 metres (including 13.2 g/t gold, 87.9 g/t silver and 2.77% copper over 1 metre)

30 g/t gold, 259 g/t silver and 3.06% copper over 4 metres (including 22.8 g/t gold, 347 g/t silver and 5.28 g/t copper over 0.4 metres)

20.4 g/t gold, 22 g/t silver and 0.82% copper over 2.5 metres (including 49.9 g/t gold, 33.2 g/t silver and 1.35% copper over 1 metre)

9.13 g/t gold, 41.8 g/t silver and 0.55% copper over 4 metres (including 30 g/t gold, 150 g/t silver and 1.06% copper over 1 metre)

41.6 g/t gold, 256 g/t silver and 5.24% copper over 0.7 metres

VP of Exploration Dale Brittliffe tells, “Before we came in, Los Crestones had never been drilled. It’s high in the mountains and was staked by the local landowners. We first set foot on the property in October 2010 to do some confirmation work and due diligence. Two Mexican companies had been in there. They had done quite a lot of sampling and gave the data to the vendor. The first company liked the look of it but couldn’t come to an agreement with the vendor. The second company also did a lot of work but dragged their feet on negotiating a deal. We went down there, looked at it, said we’d like to do a deal, and did a deal. The second Mexican company came back to the vendor just one week after we signed. We got lucky there.

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