JetGold Corp. has released plans for its spring/summer 2011 work program at its 100-per-cent-controlled Big Hammer gold, silver and tellurium project and its 100-per-cent-controlled Kshish porphyry molybdenum project, both located in the Terrace mining district in British Columbia, Canada. Permits have been approved and mobilization will commence in May, 2011.
Big Hammer Project:
The Big Hammer property consists of six tenures totaling 1,617 hectares (3,996 acres) located 13 km southeast of Terrace, British Columbia on the south side of Thornhill Mountain. Big Hammer is serviced by a paved public road, existing forest resource roads and is accessible in all seasons. Big Hammer was discovered in 2007 by the BC Geologic Survey and is a new discovery containing gold and tellurium.
The Big Hammer property is in the early stages of exploration and it has indications that it is a reduced intrusion-related gold system similar to the Fort Knox and Dublin Gulch deposit models. These deposits include sheeted, often low-angle, quartz veins with Au-Bi-Te-W mineralization. The significant extent, >1,000 m (3,200 ft.) horizontal and >300 m (1,000 ft.) vertical, of the known Big Hammer mineralization suggests additional veins will be found with airborne geophysics, mapping, surface trenching and diamond drilling. The findings of this work will assist in projecting and determining where these veins coalesce.