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While many of you have already provided feedback on the February issue, I always encourge more as it is your feedback and questions that help the publication grow.

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As current subscribers know our four investment ideas are already beating the broad market and are positioned to crush them in the next 30-60 days. There are many more ideas coming so follow the leaders as they say!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick investment idea. I noticed that Thom Calandra recently wrote about Great Panther Resources. I too like this company; for two reasons.

Great Panther is a growing silver producer that has steadily reduced its production costs, increased the in situ resource and in the last two quarters transitioned to a cash-positive producer. Additionally, they have increased production rates which indicate that the bugs are being ironed out, efficiences are being met which will ultimately add to the bottom line. With silver being a manufacturers/technology metal in addition to an economic hedge, I really like the long term silver picture. For me, this makes Great Panther a nice little company.

With all that said, I have not been able to take a position in GPR because it has never dipped to my desired entry price. I expect to be able to get that in the summer when everyone goes away on vacations they can't afford!!

I do like GPR in the short term at these current prices though. First, like CMJ; GPR will get a hefty bounce just from the fact that Mr. Calandra has talked about them. Secondly, another quarters worth of results are due soon and I expect to see further positive results.

In conclusion, GPR makes for a nice short term trade. Buy when comfortable and sell after a 10-15% gain. Remember, short term trades of 10-15% a couple times a year adds up to a 20-30% annualized your money manager doing that for you now?

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