Good afternoon Weber's,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the February issue will be in your inboxes tomorrow night.

As a reminder, I have extended the FREE trail period to March to provide you all with a fair opportunity to evaluate the merits of my ideas and commentary. With that said, many have already requested to be converted to the Member don't feel that you have to wait until March to do the same. I will only be reserving a limited number of spaces as Weber's Web is designed to be a boutique service not a spam site!

I will have some interesting things to say about the general economy as well as an overview of our January picks. I am excited to be bringing you a fresh investment idea that fits with my view of the economic landscape.  The January effect is upon us so it will be particularly important to keep a close eye on our portfolio's and position ourselves for little to no growth. 2010 will be the year of preserving capital instead of focusing on trying to make big returns.

I look forward to corresponding with many of you over the next few days and of course welcome requests to receive and trial my publication. If you would like to receive your FREE Weber's Web newsletter simply send an email to [email protected]

As always, thank you for kind remarks and feedback.

Chris Weber
Founder, Author - Weber's Web

P.S. - You'll notice that I have been listing some recommendations at the top of my blogs....feel free to cross-reference them to past posts as I do move them around to align with the market and each story as it unfolds.