Last time I post about CLL  here was (sept 11) when was testing the 50¢ good resistance line.

Did pop above and moved to test 57¢ high. (Sept 17)

   Then pullback occur testing low .49¢ (Sept 20), and since keep moving slightly higher, and now back to the 55¢ resistance line.

 Just add this technical perspective to CLL board…

May be near another resistance test, break or fail, but good timing to keep a close eye.


Will we see the 55¢ being test & breach... (???)

We can see a recent increase in volume last few days, and SP slightly rising to the resistance again.

Good Technical, are still in place.

First time SP sleep at .55¢ since Sept 14.

And since low .49¢ on Sept 20, it’s now moving into a short term ««ascending triangle pattern»»…with .55¢ resistance line to go above…

If we ever break above would need to see strong move in SP ex. (.57 - .58) & volumes… more than average, by mid-day for a clear signal.

As volume speaks…

It’s time to keep our eyes on CLL to see where will be headed next …

On the wait & sees mode again. Patience still...

Just my TA opinion here, please dyodd.


Dly chart:

Wkly chart: