Silver actual TA picture...

Holding nicely the high level we test and reach last week.

Normal pulling so far.

   After all the upside since we breach the 29$ line - to high 35.10$, in only 4 weeks --- 

overbought  is showing up --- a consolidation could be our next (+++)move...


I'm looking for a sideway trend to build and hold in coming days, weeks.

Let’s say into - 33.50$ or best 34$ low to recent high 35$ trading range.


 Next challenges for silver in the near term:

On the downside, need to hold above the low 33.50$ line.

On the upside, 2 levels of resistances are on the way, 1st the 35.70$ and 2nd the 37.60$ but not there yet…

It’s on the wait and sees mode here.

Consolidation (sideway trend) is often our friends…

Just my TA opinion here, Dyodd!


weekly silver chart:$SILVER&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p65868123957