The next big cancer "drug" may not infact be a drug but a tool used to detect cancer......


If you haven't already heard, Verisante Technology Inc. of Vancouver BC is actively marketing and funding development of cancer diagnostic equipment with a very intelligently constructed business model. Founded by Thomas Braun, an attorney by trade prior to being personally motivated to attack the scourge of cancer, Verisante also has a CFO by the lovely name of Anna Trihn, also an attorney.

Verisante's new device Aura accurately helps identify lesions that require biopsy. The technology has been rigorously tested at the UBC in Vancouver. Verisante Technology Inc. not only has the goods but they obviously pack an intense one-two punch if there were ever any question of infringement upon the protected design of the technology due to the facts mentioned earlier with regard to legal representation.

Another major factor which solidifies a decsion to invest and hold Verisante Shares, is that competition late to market entry in this sector would do well to recognize that pivoting into the vast ocean of unidentified raman spectrums of MRSA or VRSA or any of the other countlessly numberous and as yet less studied but equally identifiable pathogenic processes. In other words, there is a huge pipeline for raman spectroscopy diagnostics players to pull out new products and sell to doctors and hospital systems.  Many diseases seem primed for Raman Spectroscopic identification. At a recent SPIE BIOS event, a Vanderbilt researcher admitted just that!

Competing directly with Verisante would not only be more risky due to less competition elsewhere, identifying other pathogenisis, but also, less risky due to  the simple fact that any competitor is less likely to be tied-up with totally unnecesary litigation by a U.S. trained attorney.

Although there may ultimately be competition in this sector. Those potential competitors, with enough wit to be in the cancer diagnostics market sector of Raman Spectroscopy tools, likely will have the wit to work in their own unique branch of the emerging Raman Spectroscopy diagnostic playground, all those conditions as yet unidentified by clinical corroboration with Raman Spectroscopy.
This ground breaking device, Verisante Aura, along with these 2 skilled attorneys at the helm of this biotech player, Verisante Technology Inc. are likely to be the big bang we, biotech investors, have been seeking.

Folks, Verisante Technology Inc. gives us an edge. Invest with confidence and be sure to tell your friends.


All the best, Love, Peace, Namaste