Ivebeen getting more and more information about the vanadium redoxbatteries development.  I found an article on wikileeks sayingthat Vanadium Redox Fuel Cells are already being used by the US AirForce in their top secret ultra lite UAV's.  These new UAV'shave NO METAL PARTS at all.  They are completely undetectableunless seen with the naked eye at 100K - 300k Feet in thestratosphere.
Theyalso now have ultra fast stealth blimps which also hand out about100,000 feet in the stratosphere and again, are completelyundetectable.  This new ultra lite technology is powered by thevanadium redox fuel cell cause of its power to weight ratio, and canactually be recharged while gliding above the clouds.  They canrecharge their vanadium fuel cells in about  30,000 feet ofdecent so they basically never have to come down unless formaintenance.
TheUS Air Force made this information public in 2009 but was neverdiscovered, well at least by me until i found the article onwikileeks.
Youcan find more about this leek at http://www.vanadiumsite.com
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