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Hi everyone, My name is Robert, I am an aspiring securities analyst and have been an active trader for over two years. I created this blog to share my insight regarding market movements as well as post short and long term price forecasts for a variety of securities (mostly listed on the TSX and DOW). I hope you all find this helpful. I am welcoming any and all criticism. If anyone has any inquiries or would like any price forecasts to be done, feel free to leave me a message.

  • Will Oil continue to Slide? [ A technical and charting analysis on crude oil WTI ]

    87 Reads | 0 Comments | July 9, 2014

    *Read this post with the support of an up-to-date chart for the price of crude oil WTI (1 year & 5 year)* WTI oil has made significant gains after being beaten down from its latest intermediate bearish trend which began in September of 2013 and dragged on until the February of this year. Following this bearish trend, oil began its run-up when it made a key bullish indicator (symmetrical...

  • Lightstream Resources (T.LTS) Analysis

    242 Reads | 0 Comments | May 8, 2014

    Short Term Outlook: Within the previous year, LTS has made radical changes including sales of assets as well as slashing its monthly dvidend by 50% from $0.10 per share to $0.05. The capital gains from asset sales as well as reductions in expenses from decreased dividend payouts will likely lead to increased investment in operations, which is likely to lead to a further increase in stock...

  • Potential Short term Market Pullback and Gains for Gold

    151 Reads | 0 Comments | May 2, 2014

    Over the past few months, the market indices Dow Jones and S&P 500 have halted their continued gains over an extended period of four years and have begun oscillating, this is following the announcement by the U.S. central bank regarding tapering of quantitative easing. The Dow Jones has been oscillating at the 15,800 - 16,600 level and the S&P 500 at the 1,780 - 1880 level. Currently...