Here are the news highs that made it to the end of this week:


HRZ-V--a nat gas producer in the US

The following are new high hold overs from Oct/Nov 06

HEO-V, BQE-V ---waste water technology

ONE-T -- remote PC access

RMI-V,SGC-V,AAU-V,GOE-V,VGO-V,GEA-T,AMC-V --- gold, silver exploration

PTM-T -- PGM mines in South Africa and Canada

UUU-V,EMC-T,EMU,HPU-T,PDN-T --- uranium(near)producers

GUY-T -- gold production

JNN-V ,TVC-V, URC-V, SOX-V --- uranium exploration

LBE-V -- Ni-Co-Cu-PGM exploration

VHV-V, VEM-V -- copper gold exploration

AXX-T  -- web technology for governments

KSW  -- industrial construction

CFR-V --- specialised in organic chemistry in order to make pharma products

PNP-T -- resource stock investor

Special attention for the following:

APV-V --- for all investors interested in solar energy

TGE-V --- better than a lottery ticket: duster or gusher any moment now