Here we have new highs for december that have survived intill now, stocks making new highs have potential to continue to run.

Start with one new high for today:

GFG-V---Global exchange for real estate backed securities

Now december highs:

ALZ.V---uranium exploration in Australia, Quebec and now in Zambia(Kariba)

RFDL---RFID radio frequency identification applications

BLV-V---nickel exploration in Scandinavia

NPDV---holding co into: optical plastic, paint & hardware distribution

AMF-V---blood tests for Alzheimers

GOG-V---gold silver exploration in US and Canada

CZZ-T---potential Ni-Cu-PGE mine in Quebec

ILI-V--- IT for oil and gas industry

OSK-V---gold expl canada

WDO-T---gold producer 50%increase, plus expl in Canada

ALS-V---nickel royalty, uranium expl, oil refinery

NYG-V,RCT-V---gold-silver expl in mexico

SSRI orSSO-T---silver producer and explorer all over

Previous highs, good speculations now:

TGE-V---three for one, any day now gusher or dry hole

PCR-T---future copper mine now in the $4 range, i am waiting for double digits