Still have a day to go this week but here are the highs for this week so far:

COV-V---antimicrobial silver ion-releasing coating for wound dressings and                  stainless steel implants into the body

EDV-T---merchant banking co that invests in the global resources sector

EXEG---provides cancer information

HNC-V---new nickel mine; as of June 06 NPV 500 million, current market cap 64 mill

 KHD-T---renewable energy power plants(water, wind and biomass) in Canada

LGO-V---exploration projects, tungsten/molybdenum in the Yukon and PGM in Brazil

ML-T---US copper mine with future molybdenum and silver production

MTC-V---explorer for basemetals, PGM's and PM's in Ontario

NRS-V---oil&gas driller in Nicaragua, now waiting for results gusher or duster

POE-V---oildriller in Thailand plus oilsands in Canada

SMD-V---50 exploration projects, spinouts, jv's, royalties; jv with LGO-V in Yukon