Forget the fact that Pelangio (PX) exploration is up over 200% since I first started talking about it (and even more from the point where I put it on my public watch list)... this company is the perfect example of why management matters. Ingrid Hibbard (the CEO) is one of the best. Listen to the following audio interview...

...and then check out the Pelangio investor presentation...

I would like to direct your attention to page 28. Note that Ingrid talked about 'finding out more of what we've got' (I paraphrase here concerning the Manfo property). This picture shows that the 70ppb Au soil horizons extend far East (and somewhat West) of the known targets. Also keep in mind that Sika North prospect is almost completely unexplored. I hate to bluesky here but with a steady news stream coming in, what I estimate is, two to three weeks there is some serious potential even with the recent run up. Also, be cautious of investing over the next few business days. More on this below.

Greg Johnson who is the CEO of South American Silver (SAC) has done a new interview with Al Korelin. Folks might be interested.

SAC has been on a serious tear as well. Despite the fact that some on SH have referred to their metallurgical process as 'grandiose' (a comment I find laughable) they have an open deposit and a head Geologist, Ralph Fitch, who like Ingrid,mentioned above, is at the top of his game. Again, these guys are if nothing else, are a management play.

Lastly, under the category of luck, it isn't every day that I buy a stock and have it go up almost 40% in two days, yet that's exactly what Rye Patch gold has done. I'm not sure what the driving factor was today... it certainly wasn't public news... but it's still an interesting story... one I'll write about in the coming days.

I own all stocks mentioned here. But never take my word for it... or the word of any anonymous identity. Do your own DD from reliable third party sources.


(Note that this coming week is all about the elections on Tuesday and the Fed on Wednesday. I strongly suspect the general markets will rally if the Republicans take at least one house. I don't have a dog in this fight so don't inbox me 'cause you're a Democrat. It's just what I see in the markets. Wednesday is a crap shoot. Will they do QE2? QE2-lite? Either way, long term, it's QE... good for hard assets IMHO. Look for the Fed to downplay their actions and look for the markets to be surprised. In any case, get your stink bids ready and hold on.)

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