[UPDATE 4]: Mea culpa. It was nothing but a financing... sorry for the fuss. Note that the financing was done below the current market value which killed the stock in the short term... but when many juniors will be looking around for ever scarce money... these guys will be cashed up for some time.

[UPDATE 3]: Phoned the company and confirmed what 911trade said... there is another news release coming. There isn't much anyone can do right now with the stock halted, but keep an eye out for the release.

[UPDATE 2]: From the V.PX board (I assume it's true but be forewarned) "Just spoke to staff at PX, there is a second press release coming.My apologies. Lets hope it's big!!!!!!!Long and strong (and slightly broke)." - By 911trade

[UPDATE 1]: OK... this looks like it might not be that exciting... a few hours before they released a prospectus for an equity issue. IIROC is probably halting anything with news on this low volume day. Oh well.



I don't know what the announcement is going to be yet, but these guys don't mess around. Keep an eye out for news. I haven't exactly been great at blogging lately but I will certainly update this post as this stock has been a long time pick for me.