Duluth Metals Highlights 155 feet of 0.917% Copper, 0.279% Nickel and 0.639 grams Total Precious Metals at west Maturi in the Twin Metals Minnesota Project


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TORONTO, November 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Drill results of the remaining 23 holes (MEX-409 to MEX 436) in the Maturi Deposit to be used in the final pre-feasibility AMEC resource report
  • Approximately 159 additional drill holes and 70 wedge offsets for the Maturi Deposit, including these 23 holes featured in this press release, will be factored into the final pre-feasibility AMEC resource numbers due later this month (November 2012)
  • The final pre-feasibility AMEC resource estimate report will confirm the extent and distribution  of the higher grade portions of the deposit the  presence of which is indicated by the current drill results

Duluth Metals Limited ("Duluth Metals") (DM.TO) (DM-U.TO) is pleased to announce assay results for 23 additional holes, MEX-409 to 436, on the Maturi Deposit within the Twin Metals Minnesota Project in northeastern Minnesota. Assay results highlight Area 1 (shallow west Maturi), where 16 of the 17 drill holes have significant length intercepts with average grades over 0.7% copper that meet a 0.5% Cu cut-off criteria. These holes, distributed across the Maturi Resource, continue to indicate the ability to define a higher grade sub-set of the resource for initial mine planning. These additional holes will be incorporated into the final resource estimate to be issued by AMEC later this month (November 2012).

"These holes continue to show the continuity, thickness, and grade that will provide us a strong resource estimate on which we can base the pre-feasibility mine planning." stated Vern Baker, President of Duluth Metals. "The additional holes being added to the resource estimate have been very encouraging and will provide for a very robust estimate. The pre-feasibility study is also focusing on evaluating the optimum scale, location, mining method, and metallurgical process for the Twin Metals Minnesota Project."

Drilling highlights in the western section of the Maturi Deposit include:

In Area 1 (shallow west Maturi):

  • Mex-422M returned a 155 foot intersection of 0.917% copper, 0.279% nickel, 4.1 g/t silver and 0.639 grams TPM (TPM = Platinum+Palladium+Gold) at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.
  • Mex-430M returned a 180 foot intersection of 0.896% copper, 0.256% nickel, 3.3 g/t silver and 0.689 grams TPM at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.
  • Mex-412 returned a 152 foot intersection of 0.896% copper, 0.262% nickel, 3.1 g/t silver and 0.692 grams TPM at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.
  • Mex-421M returned a 121.25 foot intersection of 0.889% copper, 0.250% nickel, 3.4 g/t silver and 0.617 grams TPM at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.

In Area 2 (deeper west Maturi):

  • Mex-409 returned a 137 foot intersection of 0.833% copper, 0.279% nickel, 2.7 g/t silver and 0.817 grams TPM at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.
  • Mex-436M returned a 168 foot intersection of 0.746% copper, 0.264% nickel, 2.4 g/t silver and 0.544 grams TPM at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.


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PS.  Decent results, decent project.




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