Draghi’s Outright Monetary Transactions Pave the Way for Euro Bonds

After further analysis of Draghi’s speech outling Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT's) and the new word of the day, sterilisation… it is clear to me the statements made by Draghi directly pave the way for Euro Bonds.  

Key ideas like defending the Euro at all costs, incomplete fiscal policies and working towards solidarity and European institution building is laying the ground work for Euro Bonds and a much more consolidated Europe where individual governments are losing complete fiscal authority.

What is good for financial markets is a step towards a fascist regime in Europe where votes for local governments become a vote to represent you to a higher non democratic authority created and run by the Germans and a small select group of pro-European people.  Who is really in charge?  Most likely a small group of European elite who appoint the players at the ECB and other Euro institutions… the people you see in the headlines and even the actual votes on the ECB… just the foot soldiers.  

Do you see how financial Blitzkreig is working in the 21st century? Currently if you want a vote in Europe you need to be a citizen of Germany or one of her war hounds, Italy or France.  The Axis of Evil has emerged and won again, Germany, Italy and France dominating Europe once again.  This is the emergence of a new era, a European Era for sure… but in reality… just another German Era… and this time Germany didn’t fire up one tank.  Wow.


Beat the Market Stock Picks: Draghi's OMT Plan Paves Way For Euro Bonds