The Shining Tree Mining District

The Shining Tree Mining District is a relatively new mining district that was opened up to exploration after a 20 year ban in 1996. Shining Tree lies between the Timmins and Sudburyregions of Ontario and is located along the westernmost extension of the Larder Lake-Cadillac Fault that plays host to world class deposits such as Malartic in Quebec and Kirkland Lake Gold in Ontario

Gold was first discovered in the area in 1911 and led to massive gold rush to Shining Tree, the likes that North America hadn’t seen since the 1896 Klondike rush and the California 49’ers. By 1933, Shining Tree had 3 mines in operation and Shining Tree’s largest mine, The Rhonda Mine opened in 1939 with $6M invested.Most of the mines were shut down in 1942 due to the war and were never reopened. Today Shining Tree is mostly supported by tourism and forestry products.

Shining Tree Mining District was opened up to exploration in 1996 after 20 years of inactivity due to theTemagami Land Caution. This land caution was a 2 decade old land dispute between local native bands and the government. The ban had prevented systematic exploration in the area since 1976 which meant thatShining Tree missed the gold exploration booms in late 70’s on through to 90’s. The area has potential to hostKirkland Lake and Timmins Porcupine West type deposits.

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