Sector Volume Alert - BIO TECHS!!!

I am a volume guy when I look for themes that look attractive for the year.  It worked extremely well identifying the tech theme last year with companies like INT, SCG, FSW, OPL etc. going on massive runs and this year I have identified Bio Techs as a place you want to park your dollars.  This sector looks to be coming alive from what has been a prolonged slump for many companies.  If you look at chart after chart of these junior Canadian companies, it clearly shows that this often ignored sector in favor of materials and energy is finally getting a bit of attention.  

Companies that I have identified big volume days in the last 2 months that show accumulation in this sector and willingness to buy in VOLUME...   

  1. Chemaphor - CFR-V
  2. Medex Health Corp - MDX-V
  3. Sirona Biochem Corp - SBM-V
  4. Miraculins Inc. - MOM-V

Other companies volumes have increased significantly over the last year including...  

  1. Neptune Biotech - NTB-T 
  2. biOasis Technologies - BTI-V  

In Neptune's case, they are an industry leader and their volume really started increasing early on in 2011.  The company has corrected in a very nice pattern and looks to be moving up to previously established highs in 2011.  Biotechs, pharmaceuticals and health care stocks in general are the next big Investing Supercycle. Mining has been great, nor is it over... but over the next few years you want to be moving some cash over into this sector because of relative value. I expect Biotechs to eventually perform just like the Tech bubble did in the nineties.

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 Beat the Market Stock Picks: Sector Volume Alert - Bio Techs!!!