Potash Pick of the Decade!!!

The Race to be the World’s Next Potash Giant is on in Ethiopia’s Danakil Basin
Many of you are very familiar with Allana Potash and its meteoric rise over the last couple months from a 40 cent stock in the fall to its current $1.57 it trades at today. A price that most people think will still bring Allana shareholders triple digit returns over the coming years. I mentioned that Allana was a highly prospective play in an emerging potash basin in the world. 

Since I mentioned AAA in the AG article on Jan. 16th at .90 it raced to $2.40 in 3 weeks for a 166% gain. At $1.57 Allana still sits at a 75% gain and is currently sitting at a very attractive buy point for a push to $2 plus. So what is all the fuss about...? Allana being one of the best performing stock in that group the smart money is piling in a big way. 

We all know the Ag story, rising food prices, less arable land, more demanding diets, high yields have farmers looking for ways to increase crop yields. As well... future population growth has us scrambling to figure out how to feed 3B more over the next generation which has put potash into the forefront as a logical solution. 

But what has got AAA on fire so much more than the rest? 

Beat the Market Stock Picks: Potash Pick of the Decade!!!