URA had another great day Friday as investors are getting excited about URA's uranium / vanadium properties in the US midwest's URAVAN mineral belt in Colorado.   Their properties are very close to Denison's claims where they are startign up a mill this year and Anglo-Canadian Uranium has confirmed that they are in talks with a major mining company regarding their claims in the area.  The unconfirmed rumor is that the major mining company is indeed Denison.  If this is the case then URA's claims could be entering into production sometime in 2007. 

The most prospective of the claims is the Joseph's claims which had 5 past producing Uranium / Vanadium mines.  The infrastructure is there to get URA's properties fasttracked into production if they get the backing of a major.  The team at URA is top notch so even if they don't do the deal  Robert Laine will have no problem bringing their properties to production with his 14 years of experience at Cogema.

Anglo-Canadian could be the next junior to produce in 2007.   It is still pretty early buy this rumor is substantial and is on someone's drawing board.  From the look of the Joseph claims, it looks like URA may have a key piece to another company's vision.