IESV - Intrepid Technology and Resources OTC:BB 
C/S outstanding: 216MM
Current SP:          .05
Target SP:           .20 (end of 2006)
Target entry:        .041 - .05

"To be respected as the leading biogas production company in the United States where we value our word and encourage enthusiasm from our employees."

  • specialize in development of biofuel production projects. Biofuels of consideration are primarily biogas (methane from processing animal waste), with considerations for ethanol and biodiesel. ITR provides the overall management and engineering/technology for planning, permitting, financing, construction, and operation of biofuel production facilities.
  • intial gas sales to Intermountain gas by July 2006
  • 2 projects producing 200MCF anually by end of 2006
  • Whiteside Dairy Project
    • Idaho's first biogas production facility on a large commercial dairy. The facility will initially produce 10 million ft of methane per year.
    • currently a 2 tank digester system with plans of expansion up to 10 digester tank system
    • has just received the gas conditioning equipment for use in creating pipeline quality gas, the equipment will be installed over the next several weeks and brought into operation.  The equipment doubles the whiteside asset value and can process gas from the current 2 tank setup as well as the planned 10 tank setup.
    • Potential of up to 50 million ft of methane per by end of 2006.
  • Westport Dairy Project
    • IESV's second biogas production facility on a large commercial dairy. The facility will initially produce 140 million cubic ft of methane per year to be sold into the heating fuel market of Southern Idaho.
    • Project completed by Sept.

What's next?

  • Independent sampling of the product gas will be performed to verify the entire system's ability to produce pipeline-quality gas.
  • The clean gas will be delivered into an Intermountain Gas pipeline making Intrepid the first
    alternate energy company in North America to produce pipeline quality gas from animal and
    industrial waste
  • Once the entire technology has been proven, by delivering gas to Intermountain,
    Intrepid will begin to aggressively pursue additional locations for their biogas fields that may
    include Idaho, Washington and California.
  • Additionally, with the technological superiority of the digester, Intrepid will begin to market the systems and Intrepid's process and procedures expertiseto other stand-alone dairies and feedlots.

Why Invest?

Once Intrepid proves the clean gas sales to intermountain, they will have a working model to sell to customers around the US.  The market potential of converting every diary farm in america is worth billions $$$ of potential gas sales.  Intrepid is the first company to do this and has a competitive advantage over the competition b/c they will have a working model shortly, will be receiving cash flow from gas sales, and will be aggressively marketing Intrepid's system around the US as well as looking for more potential sites to build thier own gas fields.  When most alternative energy companies are actively producing ethanol and bio-diesel.  Intrepid has found a  way to think outside the box.   Little resistance to technology if everything works as planned. 

Planned production exiting 2006 will be almsot 200MCF of gas annually.

In addition to the biogas...

ITR is reevaluating previous plans for construction of a 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant to be located in Magic Valley, Idaho. The plans for this plant were in near-final stages of development before the company refocused its direction on biogas development. An appealing feature of an ethanol plant in Magic Valley, Idaho, is that it could possibly be tied in with construction of the biogas field currently underway nearby. Gas from this field could be used to fuel an ethanol plant. It was this consideration for the previously planned ethanol plant that ITR began seriously evaluating processing dairy manure into pipelinequality gas.

ITR has seen a significant interest on the part of the investment community for financing biofuelproduction plants. Thus, discussions are underway regarding the aforementioned ethanol plant.  Locating an ethanol plant in Southern Idaho has geographic benefit of being located nearly equidistant from the west's largest municipalities that demand ethanol usage, principally, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland. An additional benefit of locating an ethanol plant in Magic Valley, Idaho, is the use of the distiller's grain, a byproduct of ethanol production, by the local dairies as feed for dairy cows. Distiller's grain would not have to be shipped into the area from Midwestern states as is the current situation.  ITR also continues to evaluate the merits of building biodiesel plants in Southern Idaho where local crop production of oilseed crops (canola, rapeseed, safflower) could be used as feedstock forbiodiesel plants."

In conclusion....
IESV is a potential high return company with lower downside risk.  IESV is a bottom floor company so you have a chance to grow with his unique, diversified bio-fuels company.  IESV is in the final stages of proving the technology and will be selling gas shortly...(the final test).  Little or no technology risk.

After sales of gas begin, IESV will be able to market itself acroos the US to an unlimited potential market.  This one will take time to develop... but the potential of being in on the bottom floor of an alternative clean enregy giant is to great to pass up.

If  IESV meets and exceeds targets, builds all plants planned,  IESV will be greatly diversified in the alternative fuel industry with bio-gas, ethanol and bi-diesel.  The potenial for this tiny little company that will soon have cash flow is huge.