From the June 1st Newsletter...

QE3 to Save US Markets this Summer

US Markets in Correction Mode

The US market rally ended in May this year as predicted while commodities markets continued to sell off as investors took a more defensive position. Grandmother’s portfolio was beating almost everyone else in May. Some think this is sector rotation in preparing for a market sell-off predicated by a Euro debt crisis, but the stage is not set for a major sell-off to come together yet. Anyone telling you a double dip is around the corner is as offside as a foreign banker in a New York hotel room. If you park your butt at Grandma’s house for more than a quarter eating grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell’s soup, you will get fat, left behind and unable to finish the race. This is seasonal rotation at best. 

Beat the Market Stock Picks: QE3 to Save US Markets this Summer