Graphite…  Set to go critical in 2012
Graphite is set to go critical in 2012.  It is listed as being a critical metal by the EU because the commodity is vital in the greenspace revolution including a major component to electric cars.  The Chevy Volt uses 30kg of graphite while Tesla’s Roadster requires over a 100kg of graphite to make.  Graphite is the main component in Lithium Ion batteries and can require more than 15 times more graphite than they do lithium.  This distant cousin of diamonds is set to go through the roof as affordable mainstream electric cars are now on the market with what is clearly the preferred choice for the battery of the future, at least the next 10 years anyway.   Graphite’s qualities of being lightweight and a great conductor of electricity make it ideal for automobiles where shaving off pounds is important for the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. Tesla’s Model S leads the competition with a range of almost 500km per charge and a 3 – 5 hour charge time.  With these type of stats and a price range that starts to makes sense for early adopters (Prius type customers), electric vehicles are about to make major inroads into the retail marketplace. 
Demand for Graphite Could Double by 2020… Mines Needed!!!


Beat the Market Stock Picks: Graphite... Set to Go Critical in 2012