Capitalizing on the Yukon Gold Rush 2011

“The discovery of gold on Rabbit Creek in the Klondike district by George Carmack, Tagish (Dawson) Charlie and Skookum Jim on August 16, 1896 sparked the world's biggest 'gold rush'.”

The Yukon is on the verge of a massive boom

Today the Yukon is on the verge of another massive gold rush as high gold prices and recent gold discoveries in the Yukon have brought a bought of gold fever onto those that seek the scarce precious yellow metal. This sickness has brought a new generation of men straight to the Yukon seeking their fortunes with this gold rush shaping up to be the start of a repeat of the famous Yukon Gold Rush in the early 20
th century. The Yukon has produced 12.5M oz’s of gold since 1885 with a large portion of that being from placer claims, to date only 3 sources of the placer gold have been verifiably found leaving the opportunity to find several material deposits that could be the source of the placer gold that literally line the beds of every creek in the Yukon.

Beat the Market Stock Picks: Capitalizing on the Yukon Gold Rush 2011