Every once in awhile you come a cross a gem… A company that is extremely undervalued and positioned to grow well into the future at current prices and is almost a no brainer multi bagger, if there is such a thing. A company that is cheap, which already has ounces in the ground and is sitting beside a major that has a multi million ounce gold project. A company that is positioned well for the future, with low risk, and is just beginning to spread the story about what they have and what they are doing. A company that has done a major deal with a well established mid tier producer that virtually takes almost all the risk and potential dilution out of their hands.

NioGold Mining (NOX) is looking like that diamond in the rough, and at only a $23 million market cap is cheap for having almost 1 million ounces in all categories on the past producing (600k oz’s) Marban Block. One way to be successful in investing in exploration is by following the money. The money is pouring into NioGold’s Marban Block Property which sits near Osisko’s 9 million ounce Malartic Project.

Beat the Market Stock Picks: NioGold Mining (NOX)