Zone Resources: 

Girard Property... One of the Biggest Iron Ore Targets in the Trough

Zone Resources   ZNR-V 0.08



Zone Resources ZNR-V is Beat the Market's first TMX listed IR client!!  

Shares Out... 62.8M
War. & Opt... 51.3M
Fully Diluted... 114.3M  

Market Cap... $5M

ZNR-V 8.5 cents is a company that I have followed closely for the last year writing it up to premium subscribers at

.185 when they first announced acquisitions of key historical iron ore projects in the Labrador Trough.  The company went on a little run after, but the general atmosphere for junior explorers and risk appetite has tanked most materials companies since March to the point where most are trading at fire sale prices.  Zone is no exception currently trading at year lows even after confirming major iron ore discoveries on both Girard and Moore properties which were subject to discovery and exploration in the 1950's.

Zone Resources Inc. Retains Investor Relations Firm

Zone Resources has been mis-priced by the market concerning the material discoveries they made this winter on both the Moore and Girard properties.  When considering the valuations of Zone's peers and neighbors in the Labrador Trough whose valuations start at $50M and not $5M...ZNR is fast approaching an arbitrage situation.  The Girard Iron Ore Project has been significantly de-risked with the company making discoveries through the drill bit validating some very large targets on both Girard and Moore properties.  Zone Resources is now in a position for rapid growth focusing on creating shareholder value aggressively defining and developing the recent iron ore discoveries in the Labrador Trough which represent some of the largest and highest grading iron ore targets anywhere in Canada. 


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