It is not often you get an opportunity to invest in a grassroots project and see it through to production in the mining industry. Very few projects actually make it to the production stage from discovery, with time being one of the biggest killers of a project. In most commodities cycles, by the time it takes a project to go into production (usually 10 years) the high prices are done, the party is over and the project that was worth billions while metals were trading at all time highs is no longer attractive at the other end of the cycle and is back on the shelf waiting for the next boom. There are many other factors that can kill a project, but in the end it is a numbers game.

When you can identify a project that has fast tracking production capability, you have found a project where you have eliminated one of the biggest risks for a project, time to production. The best risk/reward investments that provide the highest returns are projects that have been identified for timely production to best take advantage of high commodities prices. Not many projects have a short production profile so if you can find a project that is being pushed aggressively towards a production decision, you are going to have a company that will experience material growth over a shorter period of time than other companies. One company with a project that has been identified for the production fast lane is CuOro Resources CUA-V. CuOro is an emerging Colombian resource company focused on fast tracking copper production in Colombia.

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