Jeff Nielson of BB Canada posted this a couple of day ago.  A disturbing trend to say the least.  Boot
Thanks to several Bullion Bulls members for passing along the link to anotherintriguing issue relating to the legitimacy of the global gold (and silver) market. A follow-up interview from the “King World News” site took aim at the bullion-storage of Bank of Nova Scotia – or more particularly, what they weren't storing: silver.

To provide the context to readers who haven't already absorbed all the relevant issues, there are two other “stories” - one old, one new – which closely relate to the revelations from the Bank of Nova Scotia's bullion-vault.

The first item was Morgan Stanley's bullion-fraud: where it only pretended to buy-and-store bullion for its own clients. Regular readers will already be familiar with this news, as I covered it in July of 2009 (see “Morgan Stanley pay damages for Precious Metals Fraud”). The other blockbuster news that ties in to this issue was the careless revelation by Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group – yet another Goldman Sachs Stooge actively involved in the banksters' nefarious deeds in the precious metals market.