Just updated my site,...enjoy.

Today we are seeing some profit taking in some of the gold stocks. But,..I believe it will be short and those who are selling today will probably regret it tomorrow and the weeks to come. I believe Gold will break $1800 next week. Investors should look for gold producers, and junior gold exploration companies with big project/strong cash positions. This are the companies that will out perform as gold price go higher.

On Sept. 15th I mentioned AuRico Gold-AUQ.to as a Bargain Alert.-(see below) - This stock today closed at $7.06 up .18cents. I still think $7.00 is a good entry points.

Orbite Aluminae-ORT.to- I mention on my Sept.15th post that this is one day going to be a $10.00+ stock. Could be happening a lot soon especially after the run up this week!

Perseus Mining-PRU.to - I took a position today in this stock. Investors should pay attention to the volume in this stock. I did break $3.00 this week which is very positive for the stock. This company has a lot of production growth. 400,000oz gold producer by 2014. Watch the Denver Gold Forum Presentation: http://www.denvergoldforum.org/dgf12/dgf12-webcast/dgf12-webcast-day-1.html

Belo Sun-BSX.to announced a $50mil. bought deal financing this week, and then they cancelled this financing. The question is why?? Is the take over deal on the table? We may soon find out. Volta Grande Gold Project is a very large gold project in Brazil which I believe could be on the radar of a major. Presentation: http://www.denvergoldforum.org/dgf12/dgf12-webcast/dgf12-webcast-day-2.html

Colossus Mineral-CSI.to -was on fire this week and struck a deal with Sandstorm Gold. The stock almost test $6.00 this week. Denver Gold Forum Presentation: http://www.denvergoldforum.org/dgf12/dgf12-webcast/dgf12-webcast-day-2.html

Kinross Gold-K.to - TD upgraded the stock today and gave it a Buy Rating. Here is the Denver Gold Form Presentation- New CEO: http://www.denvergoldforum.org/dgf12/dgf12-webcast/dgf12-webcast-day-2.html

BUY ALERT: Taseko Mines-TKO.to- I believe the Prosperity Project will get the green light. This is a world class deposit that will be developed. Here is how they plan to develop the project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oWHh_uRCses

I will have more coverage on Taseko Mines in the coming days.

Sunridge Gold-SGC.v - this stock gets no respect for it assets. I consider Sunridge Gold to be Nevsun's-NSU.to twin brother. The Eritrea government already owns a position in SGC.v. Nevsun could make a run for this company in the near future.

Note: I own shares in all the companies mention in this post. Please do your due diligence.