I accumulated more shares of ORT.to on the pull back. The break out above $3.00 was very positive for the stock. Next stop I believe will be $4.00 in the short term.  Management have been doing a great job and soon this stock will look very cheap at these levels.

I have sold a few position yesterday.  I have been day trading Suncor and made a nice profit on this stock.  I love trading SU.to.  I have also increased my position in Osisko-OSK.to under $11.50.

I have an update coming up on my site this weekend. 

Note: Coverage on Candente Copper-DNT.to is coming - I took a small position.  Speculative play, and possible take over coming.  I will tell you why I believe this company will be taken out within the next 6mths.  Watch for the update coming to the site.

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