Sorry for the unanswered emails. I have been very busy day trading and haven't had a chance to update my site. I will be updating my site this evening and should have something up this week. Orbite Aluminae is still a great at current levels. I believe this is a 10 banger. I took a position at $1.58 and have increased my position up to $2.00. I still haven't sold one share. I will have an update on on my site soon. Plus, a few other stocks I believe have been trading at bargain prices. Lex Corp News LetterNote: M PARTNERS HAVE A 12 MONTH TARGET OF $15.00 AND A BUY RATINGSome articles:Orbite (TSXV:ORT.A) will Revolutionize the Aluminum Industry According to Midas Letter - Video Posted on Vancouver, British Columbia, June 22, 2011 - In the latest Midas Letter Report, James West stated that Exploration Orbite (TSXV:ORT.A) will revolutionize the aluminum has produced a "video news alert", enhanced with additional multimedia, summarizing this report. If this link is not enabled, please visit and enter "Orbite" in the search box.He states that Orbite's technology is a game-changer that is going to make Orbite a household word on the NYSE or NASDAQ. A rash statement about a company trading at $3.30? Perhaps not. Taking a closer look at this Quebec-based company, we see it has developed a unique process to produce alumina from claystone, a rock that has, during previous metallurgical extractive attempts, resulted in lower quality alumina at a higher expense.On June 21st, the company successfully produced a large scale aluminum metal ingot from its metallurgical grade alumina. This large-scale laboratory test was carried out at SINTEF, the leading independent international research organization in Norway. "The excellent quality and specifications of Orbite's alumina were confirmed by our test and the resulting aluminum was of a quality second-to-none" said Egil Skybakmoen, Senior advisor and research director for the electrolysis group of the SINTEF - Material and Chemistry unit.This followed previous aluminum samples processed from alumina at the company's 28,000 square foot "at scale" facility in the Gaspé.Several hours later, Orbite announced a $50 million bought deal offering through Mackie Research Capital. This offering was priced at $3.10 per unit, with each unit containing one-half a warrant. Each whole will be exercisable into one common share at $4.50 for up to 12 months from the closing of the offering.Back in March, Mackie Research initially gave the company a speculative buy recommendation and a 1 year target of $7.50, when the shares were trading at $2.36.In his report, analyst Matt Gowing stated at the time, "The market opportunity of its new patented processing technology is profound as it may allow for low-cost alumina production within a Quebec aluminum manufacturing industry that imports $3 billion of higher-cost alumina. We believe that Orbite's technology is the only one in the world that allows for extraction of alumina from the argillite such as that found in the Gaspé region."In a May 26th note to clients, analyst Marc Johnson of M-Partners stated, "Orbite has succeeded over previous uneconomic Bayer-alternative processes by eliminating several high-cost steps and improving recoveries through a novel arrangement of off-the-shelf equipment. It does not generate wastes while also recovering valuable by-products such as scandium and gallium."M-Partners gave the company a 12 month target of $15.00.Richard Boudreault, the company's CEO stated, "Most of the technical challenges are behind us. There are no scale issues that are going to come up."There appears to be no shortage of raw material as the company has issued a 43-101 report identifying more than 1 billion tonnes of aluminous clay on its 6,400 hectare property in the Gaspé region of Quebec.The company has already taken the first step toward the NYSE, it recently applied to move up to the Toronto Stock Exchange.To view the full report, please visit a more information on Orbite or a copy of the Mackie Research Report please visit their website at or phone 514-591-3988.CONTACT:InvestmentPitch.comBarry Morgan, CFO