Prophecy Coal -PCY looks cheap at current levels considering it's a coal producer and it owns 44% of Prophecy Platinum-NKL.  Investors who can't afford to buy NKL at current prices- $3.00,  should look at buying shares of Prophecy Coal-PCY.  Prophecy Coal is a fairly new coal producer in Mongolia, so you are owning a coal producer and 44% of NKL . NKL released a resource estimate -read news release-Wellgreen Deposit-, that pushed the stock from the .70cents area to a high of $5.63.  That news release also helped PCY shares rocket up to $1.00.  Since then both stocks have pulled back and I believe is providing investors with a buying opportunity.  The Wellgreen Deposit has 12 million ounces of platinum group metals plus gold and 2.6 billion pounds of nickel, 2.4 billion pounds of copper and 200 million pounds of cobalt.  

Here is the Resource News Release-July 14th

Contained Metals at Wellgreen*

Metal Indicated Resource Inferred Resource
Nickel (Ni) 0.22 Billion lbs. 2.42 Billion lbs.
Copper (Cu) 0.20 Billion lbs. 2.23 Billion lbs.
Cobalt (Co) 15.77 Million lbs. 191.30 Million lbs.
Platinum (Pt) 0.46 Million oz. 4.93 Million oz.
Palladium (Pd) 0.34 Million oz. 3.91 Million oz.
Gold (Au) 0.24 Million oz. 2.14 Million oz.
PGM+Gold 1.04 Million oz. 10.97 Million oz.

* Based on resource estimated at 0.4% NEq cut-off, and 100% metals recoveries.

BNN Interview CEO John Lee:

I own PCY currently at .65cents.

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