Ok here is what I am currently watching and might be buying in the coming days.

St. Augustine Gold and Copper-SAU.to- The King-kink Project is a world class deposit. With the stock trading around .70cents, I can see more upside as they get closer to developing this project. St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited Announces 21.6% Increase in King-king Project Total Resource Containing 5.4 Billion Lbs Copper and 10.3 Million Oz Gold- considering it's resource size the stock is trading at a discount.

Lucara Diamond- LUC.to - I have recommended this stock in the past to my readers. The stock has been under some pressure but at current prices I am very tempted to buy shares. LUC.to has a diamond mine -AK6 that they are currently constructing. The mine should be in production in early 2012. A larger diamond producer could be interested in Lucara Diamond. LUC.to is also part of the Lundin Group.

Claude Resources- CRJ.to - is a gold producer and the company released great news last week the pushed the stock higher. It's trading around $1.83 today which I believe is a good entry point. $1.50 would be a great entry point if we see it again.

Golden Fame Resources-GFA.v - just started watching this one. The company raised $7mil. and they will be using this money to drill their properties in Mexico in the State of Guanajuato. Their projects are only a few kilometers away from Great Panther, Endeavor Silver and AuRico. At .28cents this stock provides investors with exploration upside.

Gran Colombia Gold- GCM.to
- is a gold producer with lots of gold in the ground, over 10mil.oz+. The company should grow production dramaticly over the next few years. It's cheap at .82cents.

OceanaGold-OGC.to and Golden Star Resource-GSC.to
-both these companies are gold producers. Both have had some production issues. Cash costs are high but I expect them to improve over time. If gold keeps going higher longer term these 2 companies will be trading 2x higher from todays price. Both of these stocks have been beaten down.

Alterra Power- AXY.to
- is a renewable power producer which is runned by Ross Beaty- who serves as CEO. This is a thermo, solar, and wind energy play. The stock is trading almost at a 52wk low and at currentl prices could provide value to longer term investors.

Oromin Exploration-OLE.to - has a multi-million oz gold project almost 5 million oz and it trades at .86cents. If the company was bigger on promotion we would probably see a higher share price. Iamgold owns 11.9% and Teranga Gold own 13.8% of OLE.to I believe this company won't be around in 12mths. Peter Grandich also covers OLE.to and below is a post that is available on his website: http://www.grandich.com/

The drill news continues to be so good that one can almost discount it (the market has) because it’s so regular. But whether there’s a market reaction or not, the sum total of all the great results is what one can only hope for. In a business where failure is the norm, OLE continues to produce results others can only imagine. There’s a definite buyers strike among speculators in the junior market and there’s little OLE or others can do except to continue building assets – a feat OLE has been doing for years.

Teranga Gold-TGZ.to - is a gold producer and the company has $45.1million cash position and should be producing 140,000oz /2011 and expanding to 200,000oz in 2012. Teranga Gold owns 13.8% of OLE.to but the Predator could be the prey.

Brigus Gold-BRD.to is a gold producer trading around $1.52. They are producing close to 100,000oz/yr and production should grow production over the next few years. Buy on weakness if you can.

NWM Mining- NWM.v
- I have recommended this stock a few times in the past. With the higher gold prices we are seeing NWM is starting to look attractive plus, it appears they have ironed out a few issues. 2012 the company should produce 35,000 to 42,000oz. The stock is starting to move higher and we could be seeing a small break out from the .11cent range. This is for gamblers.

Extorre Gold-XG.to
- the stock has pulled back and is looking very attractive under $11.00. Investors should pay attention to their Zoe Discovery. TD Newcrest still has a buy rating and at $17.00 target on the stock.

Everton Resources- EVR.v
- I was debating if I should mention this company. They haven't updated investors since June 22nd and no updates on drill results. But, according to the interview-(Money In Metals)- we should get some results in mid August. 25 holes should be done by the end of the year. So, that could be any day now. So, the upside could be huge if they have anything similiar to their neighbor Barrick Gold. At .25cents it looks interesting. Do your due diligence, I could be buying this stock very soon.

Corp. Video: http://www.evertonresources.com/images/corporate_video_button.jpg

Money In Metals interview with CEO: http://moneyinmetals.com/company.php?id=35

Endeavour Mining-EDV.to - is going growing production and just came out with some great news today -merger with Adamus Resources. This deal will grow production in 2011 to 172,000 oz/yr and by the end of 2013 production should reach 250,000oz. This company has great management. I could be a buyer today.

Dalradian Resources-DNA.to
- has aprox. 1.5 mil.oz. They are drilling and I expect the resource to grow. It's a high grade deposit. The pull back in the stock is giving new investors an opportunity.

: I currently don't own a position in any of the companies I have mention in this post. I mention to readers when a position is taken on any of the companies listed here and I will have full coverage on the company.

This is it for now folks. I have a lot of companies on my watch list and if I was to name them all I would probaly have to write a book.