The technology market is hot. Startups like Facebook and Groupon are planning to do multi-billion dollar IPOs at $60 bn and $25 bn respective valuations. Intense investor interest is returning to the technology market and some TSX-V companies like Intertainment Media (INT.V) and Poynt Corp (PYN.V) have seen significant market appreciation of late.


So, are we in another tech bubble? Not likely. While there are some characteristics of a bubble with early stage investors overinflating prices of startups by clamoring to invest in the next Google, the investment landscape is much different from the time of the dot-com craze.


Today's tech startups have a much better handle on the potential commercial opportunities in the on-line environment. A company like Groupon is projected to earn over $3 bn this year, after launching its service less than three years ago. This is a phenomenal rate of growth and savvy investors cannot ignore this potential.


With the spotlight on the technology market and the success of smartphones and wireless devices, it is the right time to invest in the early stage technology companies. TechnicalBuy will bring you innovative startups with a proven management team, exciting product strategy focused on sizeable markets.


Recently I had a chance to talk with a renowned venture capitalist Gordon Campbell about his latest venture LeoNovus. I was very impressed with Gordon's vision and experience. See the article below.