Now that both Kane and Medicago are out in the open, with a lot of buying and exposure, TB's next biotech story to accumulate is BTI.V, Bioasis.

I've written about Bioasis before but this morning Bioasis came out with SPECACULAR NEWS.

BTI's Transcend p97 GETS HERCEPTIN INTO THE BRAIN. Not only that, it MAKES HERCEPTIN BETTER AT KILLING CANCER. Herceptin is a $6bn drug coming off patent in 2015. This is huge.


biOasis Announces Transcend Vector Results With a Therapeutic Antibody That Targets Metastatic Breast Cancer

VANCOUVER, B.C., Jul 6, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) --biOasis Technologies Inc. CA:BTI-7.22%today announced results from two studies designed to assess thetherapeutic potential of its Transcend vector in treating metastaticbreast cancer. In these studies trastuzumab (tradename Herceptin), ahumanized monoclonal antibody used clinically in the treatment ofHER2-positive ("HER2+") breast cancer, was chemically linked to theTranscend delivery vector. The purpose of these studies was to assess ifthis conjugate can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the tissueof the brain. And further, to test the effectiveness of theTranscend-trastuzumab conjugate (known as BT2111) against HER2+ cancercells, verses trastuzumab on its own.

In the first set of studies conducted for biOasis by the NationalResearch Council of Canada (NRC), the transport of trastuzumab andBT2111 across the blood-brain barrier was compared using real-timefluorescence imaging. The results showed that trastuzumab does notactively enter human brain endothelial cells in vitro. This combinedwith the observation that trastuzumab does not actively cross the intactblood-brain barrier sufficient enough to reach therapeuticconcentrations in animals, indicates that it would be difficult to useit as a therapeutic agent to target brain metastatic tumors. However, inthe case of BT2111, there was a marked transport of the drug into humanbrain endothelial cells in vitro.

In the second set of studies conducted on behalf of the Company by theBC Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC), various breast cancer cell lines wereexposed in vitro to increasing doses of trastuzumab alone and toBT2111. In several HER2+ breast cancer cell lines, BT2111 demonstrated asignificant improvement in cancer killing activity compared totrastuzumab alone.

"Approximately 30% of breast cancers are HER2+. Although trastuzumab hasproven valuable in the treatment and control of systemic disease,clinicians have observed a significant number of women with HER2+ cancerthat exhibit central nervous system ("CNS") metastasis," said RobHutchison, CEO. "This combination of a tumour type that has a highpotential for CNS metastases and existing treatment with trastuzumabthat unfortunately does not penetrate the CNS, demonstrates the need fora carrier such as Transcend. Based on these initial results of the tworecent studies, the Company has commissioned additional studies underthe BT2111 program."


Overcoming the difficulty of delivering therapeutic agents to specificregions of the brain presents a major challenge in the treatment of mostbrain disorders. In its neuroprotective role, the blood--brain barrierfunctions to hinder the delivery of many potentially importanttherapeutic agents to the brain. Therapeutic molecules that mightotherwise be effective in the treatment of CNS conditions do not crossthe blood-brain barrier in adequate amounts. It is widely reported thatover 95% of all Therapeutic molecules do not cross the blood-brainbarrier.