Kane biotech is yet another example of a small Canadian biotech flying under most-everyone's radar....That is until it explodes for a 150+% gain in little over two weeks span.

I sent a buy alert for Kane on Thursday, Jan 13 @ .075. Thecompany's market cap was around 3M and the risk/reward was exceptional. Some two weeks later, the stock has hit 0.19 with a market cap sitting at over 7M ( 150+% gain in 10 trading days)

The catalyst was the milestone that the company has successfully completed. The path is now clear for the company to apply to FDA for a single clinical trial required to approve the use of the Dispersin B wound care product.

Dispersin B has already attracted attention of several companies, including the US Army which is currently conducting tests on it. There are lucrative precedents of wound care companies deals with industry heavy weights, such as Teva, which easily put KNE in the multi-baggerrange from here. The potential Army deal is certainly a big part of thereward equation.


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