NR this am confirms Herceptin delivered to brain with Bioasis (BTI.V) Transcend technology. This is a world's first and a major step forward in a fight against the metastatic brain tumors originating from the breastcancer. Visit for more info.

Here's bit from the news:
"Thiswas a major step for us at biOasis," said Rob Hutchison, CEO. "As wereported earlier, the in vitro work done at both the NRC and BC Cancer ResearchCentre (BCCRC) showed great promise in two areas: 1) results from the BCCRCshowed that there was an increase in cancer cell killing effect when Transcendwas linked to trastuzumab over trastuzumab on its own (a study that wasrecently replicated at the BCCRC showing similar results); and 2) the NRCshowed in vitro that Transcend was able to transport trastuzumab into humanbrain endothelial cells. Now we have shown in an animal model that theTranscend - trastuzumab conjugate can cross the blood-brain barrier and enterthe brain tissue. This study accomplished two major goals for the company'sTranscend program: firstly, to show that we can get this therapeutic into thebrain tissue opens the possibility that it may one day enable physicians totreat patients with HER2+ brain metastasis and secondly, to show that we canuse Transcend to get large biologics across the blood-brain barrier and deliverthem into brain tissue. We've shown in the past that Transcend can deliversmall drugs but the ability to delivery large biologics is a major step in thepotential treatment of neurological disorders."