We sort through thousands of companies looking for firms with outstanding fundamentals such as valuation, profitability and cash flows along with attractive earnings estimates. Based on historical testing, stocks that are given the highest scores by our model have easily beaten the broad U.S. equity market. Conversely, stocks ranked the lowest typically underperform most equity indices.

We provide large, mid and small cap model portfolios comprised of our top ranked stocks for you to track on a daily basis for free. Each portfolio is comprised of 11-12 stocks and is rebalanced monthly. Careful attention is paid to diversification as we allocate equally across major sectors. Learn More
Also, you can improve your own stock selection by seeing how your picks measure up against our ranking system for free. The Ranking System tool can also be used to generate stock selection ideas. Learn More

For more information about our research process, the model driving the ranking system and its track record, read our ranking system's methodology article.