Membership in the Stockhouse discussion group focused on naked short selling has now grown to nearly 300. The group, which has been provocatively titled "Junior Mining Investors Robbed by Canadian Investment Banks", has received some attention from U.S. money manager, author and financial journalist Jim Puplava.

Late last week I was asked to join Jim on his Webcast program Financial Sense Newshour to talk about the naked short selling issue and the group that has formed on Stockhouse. In the discussion, Jim makes the point that investors should have access to level 2 quotes as a way to monitor the bids and asks and potential manipulation that can occur when stocks are being targeted for naked short selling. He also has some other advice for the group and anyone else concerned about the issue.

You can learn more about real time market data - specifically level 2 quotes - and our streaming portfolio manager, Stockstream, at the following link:

You can join the group discussion at the following link:

My discussion with Jim Pulava occurs towards the end of an hour-long segment at any of the following links:

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Darin Diehl
Publisher, Executive Editor