Based on what I've seen it will run concurrent with the old website for about two weeks to give members a chance to get aqqainted with the new site is my guess.

As I pointed out in my last blog entry and true to my recent SWB/SWEB BullBoard postings I am still negative on Stockhouse in the near future but am hedging my bets there might be a short share price rise in conjunction with the launch of the new website.

I will be surfing the new website tomorrow to see if it is indeed better than I think it's going to be.

My long term thoughts on StockHouse/StockGroup is one of hope, hope in the fact that we get a New (Pardon the pun) Ceo of the company one who shall we say has a Global vision that matches mine for the company.


Well one way or the other the rubber meets the road tomorrow(fingers crossed no glitches) and we get to see and test drive the new site.