Their execution of their future Products(the new website) is way off schedule IMO.

The other websites they own are being neglected ie. smallcapcenter and the AD revenue is not what it should be(An on going problem it would seem).

ROB looks to be making a push on their website to topple StockHouse and StockGroup/StockHouse seems to be doing no promotion of the StockHouse website on any other media avenues.

This company should be flying right now but seems to have stumbled, they keep pushing the "StockStream" product but from what I can tell it is bringing in very limited revenue to the companies coffers for the amount of company resourses it is consuming.

I am having a hard time understanding why StockGroup is not putting everything they have behind building "StockHouse into a HouseHold NAME and then leveraging all the other products off of it down the road.

They have literally hundreds of 1000s of members and yet they do ZERO promotion of the fact they are a publicly traded company on their "StockHouse" asset.

All these events have caused me to lighten my holdings in "StockGroup" until I see some kind of Management Focus on the "Crown Jewel" of StockGroups holdings "STOCKHOUSE".

Simply put, the number "1" priority of "STOCKGROUPS MANAGEMENT TEAM"
should be to build and Promote the "StockHouse" name and asset in the USA and the world "PERIOD".

ie. Their should be a "STOCKHOUSE USA, STOCKHOUSE CANADA, STOCKHOUSE CHINA, STOCKHOUSE UK, STOCKHOUSE FRANCE, and so on and so on you get the idea.

Build the BRAND(WORLDWIDE) the products will come later and be way more successful than if they come from a small Canadian finacial website mostly followed only in Canada.

Stay tuned to see if StockGroup can get things headed in the right direction as I see it.