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 A plug for BPL

Sat Mar 17, 1:28 PM - Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) - In another addition to he widening array of high-tech initial-letter sets, BPL may soon be coming to a wall plug near you.

Broadband-over-Power-Line technology - the Internet conducted over electrical wires - is running at a Toronto apartment building in an installation by Electrolinks Corp.

BPL, long considered not quite ready for commercial prime time, turns every electrical outlet in the building into a high-speed Internet connection for a computer or Internet-protocol telephone.

Electrolinks says its BPL can provide speeds approaching 200 megabytes per second on power distribution lines, and "this capacity is positioned for opportunities including internal utility services, smart meter, electricity control and grid automation projects in addition to nearby TV-on-demand and broadband Internet services," including in rural areas with no existing high-speed availability.