ENG.V - About to begin drilling offshore the coast of Namibia. Previously..... the stock rose to 7 dollars on speculation that they would get permitting and be able to drill it one day. Well..... that one day is here. And according to their seismic data, there is potentially 6 billion barrels in Namibia. The stock trades at $2.50 today but if they hit it could go to 60 - 100 dollars. ENG has a very small float. Adding to the likelihood of a strike........ENG's adjacent neighbour just hit oil on their property. Drilling to begin in a matter of weeks. To add to the excitement...... ENG was highlighted in the National Post January 12th. Short term target price of $6.50___________________________________ MY SECOND PICK IS : P.TO - Down to .60 cents from $8.00 - Ontario Teachers Pension Plan just invested 35 million dollars into them. CIBC just purchased 275 000 shares @ .75 ---- Lots of new hirings being posted on Railpowers web site. Something rather big is in the works. Contracts? Production? It all seems to be lining up nicely. Short term target $1.80