EVG continues its steady climb to double digits. Currently at $2.40....... the accumulation is impressive. Being a definite buyout target..... EVG (with 39 million dollars in the bank) has just signed a shareholder rights plan that will protect them from buyout. They also have created a whole new company that will be in a joint venture with Newmont Mining. EVG has 9 exceptional properties, and to protect themselves, they are taking 4 of the properties, creating a new company in a joint venture with Newmont, and giving every shareholder of EVG free shares of the new company. For every 3 shares of EVG, one share of what looks to be CORE (Continental Resources) (.48 cents) will be distributed to each EVG shareholder. Many are comparing EVG to ARU. ARU travelled from $1.50 to over 40 dollars, and when the assays arrive, and if the rumours are true..... this stock will be double digits in the very near term. Please do yourself a favour, and do your own research. Check out www.evolvinggold.com and please read everything you can. I am assured that you will be entering a position. This stock truly has mind-boggling potential. Best of luck to you in your trading.