There are many gold stock picks out there, but what interests me the most is Starfire Minerals. Only at 3 cents with 85 million shares outstanding, this stock is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Starfire minerals has just recently acquired the Porphyry Pearl Property. A Titan 24 IP survey by Quantec Geoscience in 2009 indicates that the significant drill results are in a zone of anomalous chargeability with a strike of 1,000 meters, a width of 375 to 525 meters, and a thickness of 125 to 375 meters. The depth to the top of the anomaly varies from 20 to 300 meters. The potential target size of this anomaly estimated from these parameters approximates 210 million tonnes. (That could be approximately 210 million tonnes of gold and copper!). Once drilling start on this property, there will be a lot of upside. Stay tuned. KS01