I generally have a  focus on small cap base metal and precious metal mining stocks. I will occasionally day trade, but with most of  the companies I own, I generally take a position in the early stages of exploration, taking profits along the way to gain leverage on the share price and lower my risk exposure. I watch for changes within  the company and will add or reduce my position based on results and fundamentals. I am not a licensed professional and will not take responsibility for your trading activity.   

   Top holdings

     Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd (V.PEX) Feb.16.11  Price was .32....currently   .46
     Prodigy Gold Inc (V.PDG)  Feb.16.11  Price was .34..currently  .66

     Wildcat Silver Corporation (V.WS)Feb.16.11  Price was .83..currently  $2.91

     Cap Ex Ventures Ltd (V.CEV) Feb. 16.11  Price was $1.15...currently  $1.56 

     RIVERSTONE RESOURCES INC  (V.RVS)  Feb 16.11 Price was .71...currently  $1.02  
     Explor Resources Inc (V.EXS)  Feb 16.11 Price was .68...currently....  .87 
     White Tiger Mining Corp (V.WTC) Feb 16.11 Price was .34...currently... .81 (HALTED PENDING NEWS)

   AS of now the price have gold continues to march higher amid concerns over...Central Banks continuing to add to the global money supply, Middle East war and political tensions, over extended credit, inflation, political un-rest, material shortages in Japan and many other things that would take far too long to list. 

  In the meantime I would suggest investors continue to add to their metal holdings on any weakness. I personally prefer silver plays over gold plays at this point in time. PEX.V is my top pick for this month
as I expect the White Gold district to be "red hot" over the summer months. ATC.V and KAM.V will be leading the charge. Position your holdings accordingly.